Subhalingam D

Junior Undergraduate, IIT Delhi

Subhalingam D

Junior Undergraduate, IIT Delhi

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About Me

I'm an aspiring Data Scientist, currently pursuing B.Tech. in Mathematics and Computing at Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi and my interests lie in the domain of Artificial Intelligence, primarily focused around Machine Learning, Computer Vision and Natural Language Processing. I'm also interested in few areas of Biology like Immunology, Genetics and Evolution. My hobbies are computer programming and web development. Apart from academics, I love listening to music, watching football and teaching people.


Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi

B.Tech. in Mathematics and Computing


Chennai Public School, Chennai


Marks: 96.4%

Chennai Public School, Chennai


CGPA: 10


MateRate Education Pvt Ltd, Delhi

Machine Learning Researcher & Developer

  • Leveraged Item Response Theory to map ability of students using item parameters to train Maximum Likelihood Estimator
  • Analysed predicted results, modified cost function and tweaked various parameters to improve performance significantly
  • Researched on existing Knowledge Tracing architectures to contribute in building an Adaptive Learning model

MateRate Education Pvt Ltd, Delhi

Backend Web Developer and AWS Associate

  • Designed database tables and built efficient Web APIs using Django REST framework for detailed analysis of results
  • Deployed Moodle and web applications into AWS using EC2, RDS, Elastic Beanstalk, EFS, S3 and CloudFront services
  • Added Load Balancers to instances, monitored metrics in CloudWatch and used Route53 to route end-users to domain


Overall Coordinator

Jul '20 - Present

Mathematics Society, IIT Delhi

Web Development Executive

Sept '19 - Jul '20

Student Incubation Cell, IIT Delhi

Language Mentor

Aug '19 - Dec '19

Board for Student Welfare (BSW), IIT Delhi

Assisted freshmen in overcoming English Language barrier by conducting interactive sessions throughout the semester


Jul '19 - Jul '20

Mathematics Society, IIT Delhi


National Service Scheme (NSS), IIT Delhi

Over 120 hrs of contribution primarily in Teaching Projects

Technical Executive

Aug '19 - Oct '19

Rendezvous, IIT Delhi

Part of the Web Front-end Development team


Web Designing & Development for SAC, IIT Delhi

Revamped the website using CSS & Javascript for better user experience and easy accessibility & retrieval of information.

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Movie Review Sentiment Classifier using RNN

Leveraged RNNs with pre-trained GloVe word embeddings and LSTM layers to build a movie review classifier. Trained the model using IMDB dataset with 50k reviews after pre-processing and obtained an accuracy of about 88%.

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Graph with Triangulation

Approximated given shapes in 3D Real space into small triangular components and constructed a Graph data structure. Performed operations like finding neighbours, boundary edges, number of connected components, closest components.

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Jobs Scheduler & Manager

Executed jobs added by each user for each project based on the priorities and resources; used Max-Heap, Red-Black Tree, Trie.

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Analysis of Double Hashing and Separate Chaining

Analysed asymptotic complexities and collision rate of queries in Double Hashing and Separate Chaining techniques.

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Symbolic Differentiation

Constructed a Binary Tree by parsing valid fully parenthesised infix expression and computed its derivative by traversal. The parser was made to support a variety of functions like algebraic, trigonometric, exponential & composite functions.

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Sound Detector Switch

A potential developed across Condensor Mic 's terminals due to sound is used as input to CE transistor whose output goes to a 555 timer IC in mono-stable configuration which delays the trigger signal and the output pulse from the timer goes to D-type flip flop which changes the state of the output from ON-OFF or OFF-ON.


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